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Data & Telecom

Data & Telecom


Concordia Technologies supplies a wide range of cables for data and telecoms applications. We can supply cables suitable for all infrastructure projects.
Cat5e cable, cat 6 cable, and fiber optic cables are available for data, as well as telephone cable to BT cable specifications.

Cable ranges are available for:

  • Data network installers
  • Telecomms companies
  • ISPs
  • Broadcasting companies



Please download our datasheets -

Cat 5e F/UTP LSZH Cable
Cat 5e F/UTP PE External Cable
Cat 5e F/UTP PVC Cable
Cat 5e U/UTP LSZH Cable
Cat 5e U/UTP PE External Cable
Cat 5e U/UTP PVC Cable
Cat 6 U/UTP LSZH Cable
Cat 6 U/UTP PVC Cable



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